🚀 The market is down but we are up. We just raised a $700k pre-seed round!

Oct 11, 2023


Announcing our pre-seed round

We’re very excited to announce that we’ve raised a $700k pre-seed - with one of the highest valuations in the nordics in 2023 - to help global companies invoice, get paid and manage their finances in the era of AI.

The relatively high valuation means that more shareholder control remains in the team, which we believe is crucial for building exceptional products and a truly customer centric company. We have seen the damage that investor obsession rather that customer obsession can do to otherwise great teams and ideas, so we wanted to avoid that.

The round is led by unicorn founder Ralf Reichert, with participation from Ewor, a16z, Atlantis Ventures and a group of notable angel investors. This is what Daniel Dippold, founder at Ewor, the Y-combinator of Europe, said about the decision to invest:

“I focus on investing in founders with outlier qualities. I strongly believe that Seb and team possesses the necessary qualities to establish a disruptive, globally relevant FinTech venture.”

Pivoting from creators to SMBs

We originally launched the first version of Dealflow in the summer of 2022. Back then we were laser focused on influencers, as you can see in this video. Due to our niche focus we quickly amassed 100s of creators to the platform, became a critical payment solution for top influencer agencies across Denmark and learned the inner workings of B2B payments.

However, we also saw strong inbound demand from online SMBs - marketing agencies, SaaS startups, and coaching groups. It turned out that at lot of them struggled with B2B invoicing as well. This customer type had shorter sales cycles, was willing to pay a lot more, and generally showed more interest in our solution. Thus, we decided to pivot.

Although this may sound like a lucky strike, it was only possible due to our product strategy. We are obsessively focused on only solving non-discriminatory problems, which means that we can cater to any business type, anywhere in the world. This is what made the pivot frictionless.

Launching our waitlisted beta platform

We’re incredibly proud to introduce our new beta platform. In short, it is an invoicing platform for global companies, and It is the only platform of its kind that is able to combine free global transfers, instant payouts and payment flow automation in one place. Founders & finance teams can use Dealflow to send invoices, set up subscriptions and automatically reconcile revenue with their accounting system. All while maintaining control over cashflow, B2B payment terms and different payment methods. It’s invoicing done right, finally.

Our vision is to create an “AI-worker” to automate finance

We’re already moving hundreds of thousands of EUR per month for a select clientele and we have a growing list of companies that are very interested in our solution. However, this is only day 1 for Dealflow. We imagine a future where the true power of finance is available with the tap of a button for founders and builders everywhere around the world. Invoices is just the very first step for us to achieve this vision.

Our why

Our entrepreneurship journey has been one of many highs and lows, like so many other journeys out there. Looking back, most of the lows comes from financial pressure. We’re here to change that not only for ourselves, but for everyone else as well. That’s our why.

Show your support

The best way to help is to start sending all your invoices through Dealflow, and then use our in-app chat system to tell us how we should improve the experience. We’re here to reinvent the invoice, but we need real feedback to do it well.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

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