📈 We're on a roll. Announcing our pre-seed extension to €1.1mn

Jun 27, 2024


Hi all,

Seb here, speaking on behalf of Sid and me. Today is a great day.

Announcing new investments and growth

We have secured additional investments from international investors to extend our pre-seed round to roughly €1.1mn in total. And for those that follow our newsletter, the third time is a charm 🚀 This round of fresh capital will help us double down on our vision to create a truly next-gen invoicing platform for SMBs and empower them with financial superpowers.

Joining the new round is a syndicate of existing and new investors, including unicorn founders Petter Made and Ralf Reitchert, Venture capital GP Thorbjørn Rønje, talent investor Ewor led by Daniel Dippold, and a group of business angels, including the co-founder of Felyx, Quinten Selhorst, former CRO of Klarna, Erik Hallum and principal at PayPal Ventures, Alexandros Bottenbruch. Daniel from Ewor said the following right before Christmas last year:

“I focus on investing in founders with outlier qualities. I strongly believe that Seb and the team possess the necessary qualities to establish a disruptive, globally relevant fintech venture.”

Now, just a few quarters later, we’re seeing promising signals from the market. Our waitlist for our new webapp grew with over 14 000% after closing the 1st tranche of our pre-seed round last fall.

We achieved this by getting more than 100 companies to sign up and disclose the monthly volume they wanted to process with our platform. The combined volume from all of them went from €70 000 to over €10 000 000 in a few short months.

We have already onboarded the first 10 companies to our new webapp. This group increased the volumes they put through our platform with 390% from month 1 to month 2 without any input from us, and we’re already moving meaningful 6-figure EUR amounts every month from this initial batch.

We’re very excited to see that our first webapp customers find our solution useful for all things invoicing. The best part is that we’ve achieved all of this with a very compact team of just 6 people and a relentlessly frugal mindset. The future looks bright!

Launching our new waitlisted webapp

We’re also introducing our new webapp and website. In short, Dealflow is becoming the next-gen invoicing platform for global companies where business owners can use it to send and pay invoices on their terms, get financed in real time and automate most of their financial workflows. There’s a whole story to the product as well, but I’ll share more info about this in another post on Monday.

Show your support

The best way to help is to start sending all your invoices through Dealflow, and then use our in-app chat system to tell us how we should improve the experience. We’re here to reinvent the invoice, and we need real feedback to do it well.

In closing, I’d like to thank everyone who has supported us so far in this journey. Customers, partners, team members and investors alike. We’re here to change the game and it would not be possible without all of you. Thank you ❤️



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Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

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