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Oct 11, 2023



Seb here. I’m the founder & CEO of Dealflow. On behalf of Sid and me, and the rest of the team, it’s a pleasure to finally introduce our new platform.

Dealflow in 1,2,3

Dealflow is an invoicing platform for global companies, and It is the only platform of its kind that is able to combine free global transfers, instant payouts and payment flow automation in one place. Founders & finance teams can use Dealflow to send invoices, set up subscriptions and automatically reconcile revenue with their accounting system. All while maintaining control over cashflow, B2B payment terms and different payment methods. It’s invoicing done right, finally.

Born from struggle

The origins of Dealflow can be traced back to when I was travelling around the world as a travel influencer. It was a fun time (see video), however I was only a student at the time, so my finances were very tight. The extra burden of financial admin and especially waiting for payments made the journey way harder than it had to be.

One time I even had to physically go all the way to Italy to get paid from an Italian booking company. I ended up in the CEOs office in beautiful Venice, right next to Marco Polos childhood home. The CEO was eating pasta on his office desk and chose to pay me under the table, roughly 3 months late. And yes, his hand was literally under the table, with the cash. I remember thinking “There has to be another way to do this”.

How does it work, exactly?

Our vision is to create a fully autonomous financial assistant that can handle any financial task, and we’re constantly adding more features to achieve this. We describe exactly what we do on our main website. However, here’s a quick breakdown of our core features as they are today:

  1. Invoice for free globally, with local bank accounts:
    Previously, it has been both expensive and cumbersome to make international transfers as a B2B company. Dealflow solves this with a network of local bank accounts across the world and an invoicing engine that completely automates account switching.

  2. Build your credit score and get paid instantly:
    Every invoice you send in Dealflow builds your credit score. Things like amount, payment time and which clients you’re working with affects the score, and you can clearly see this in the app. When your score is high enough, you can use it to get paid up front when invoicing.

  3. Automate everything with plugins:
    Dealflow has a growing ecosystem of plugins that can automate almost everything when it comes to payments. Plugins allow you to set up subscriptions, do split payments and automate reconciliation without any manual work. And we’re adding more every month.

Get involved

The best way to help is to start sending all your invoices through Dealflow, and then use our in-app chat system to tell us how we should improve the experience. We’re here to reinvent the invoice, but we need real feedback to do it well.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

Supported by a network of financially savvy entrepreneurs, agency owners and executives from all over the world.

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